Meet Jazzy- Our Kerry Blue Terrier

Many of us have been through this. It’s like losing a member of the family and there are no words to take away the hurt. I could go on and on about things Jewel and I did together. Most of you have seen a lot of our relationship in our television advertisements. And I know you have the same kind of stories to tell about your own precious animals. I hope our commercials brought laughter and a smile into your lives the way they were intended to.

Jazzy- Kerry Blue Terrier. Update: We are delighted to bring home Jazzy. (seen on the photo at left), Jewel’s cousin born in Wichita. She will soon be our new Canine-in-Chief.

“I believe there are…angels among us…sent down to us…from somewhere up above. They come to you…and me…in our darkest hours…to show us how to live…to teach us how to give…to guide us with a light of love.” One of my favorite songs is “Angels Among Us.” The words must have been written for us animal lovers to understand God’s message when he gave our pets such short life spans.

Jewel left me on May 7th, 2013. She suffered kidney failure, a disease common in the Kerry Blue Terriers. She was barely 11. I thought she would be with me for many years to come, but I was mistaken. I went to my knees out in the parking lot, unable to support the weight of my broken heart. My wife of 43 years burst into tears when I entered the door of our home with the empty leash.

I’ll close with this, “you can never give too many hugs.” Please have your pets spayed or neutered, they will live longer, healthier lives.