Hail or Wind Damage

On an asphalt shingle roof, the signs of storm damage aren’t always obvious. Even hailstones less than one inch in size can inflict considerable damage, but this damage can often be pinpointed only by a trained Midland roofing contractor. Hailstones from one to two inches in size and larger, and you’ve almost certainly got a seriously damaged roof in need of fast repair or replacement. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Missing shingle granules. Asphalt shingles are constructed of a fiberglass or organic mat that’s soaked in asphalt and coated with metallic granules to protect against the sun’s rays. Spots where granules are missing, exposing the black layer underneath, will indicate fresh hail damage that shortens the service life of the shingle.
  • Bruising. Hailstones may leave hidden indentations in a shingle, resulting in soft areas that weaken it and speed deterioration.
  • Cracking. Large hailstones may cause circular cracking around the area of impact, indicating damage that extends through the fiberglass mat. This critical damage leaves a shingle vulnerable to water leaks, and requires immediate replacement.

Also take a look at the soft metal components of a roof – roof ridges, vents, skylight frames, flashing – for telltale signs of hail damage. Soft metal will not only show dents, but the size of dents can let you know the size of the hail that impacted your West Texas roofing.

Texas Tornadoes = Wind Damage

After a period of high winds, you may notice shingles that are torn, split or completely gone. This sort of damage also demands immediate attention. Leaks and serious water damage can occur in a short period of time, and over an extended period will threaten the structural integrity of your roof. With other roofing materials, including cedar shingles, tile, slate and metal, damage can similarly include cracks, broken shingles, and sections of the roof that are completely missing. Don’t procrastinate repairs – it will come back to haunt you.

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